Stefan Fehrenbach

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Domain-specific languages (DSLs) can improve software maintainability due to less verbose syntax, avoidance of boilerplate code, more accurate static analysis, and domain-specific tool support. However, most existing applications cannot capitalise on these benefits because they were not designed to use DSLs, and rewriting large existing applications from(More)
// The extensible programming language SugarJ offers a process for gradually integrating domain-specific languages into existing software systems, thereby improving system maintenance. // SOFTWARE SYSTEMS CONTINUOUSLY change and grow in complexity. 1 It comes as little surprise, then, that most development time and money isn't spent on the initial design(More)
Provenance, or information about the origin or derivation of data, is important for assessing the trustworthiness of data and identifying and correcting mistakes. Most prior implementations of data provenance have involved heavyweight modifications to database systems and little attention has been paid to how the provenance data can be used outside such a(More)
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