Stefan Farthofer

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We consider lossy compression of the output of a Gaussian vector channel. This is relevant for quantizer design in rate-limited feedback and in receiver front-ends. In particular, we study the trade-off between compression rate and mutual information between channel input and compressed channel output. Using the Gaussian information bottleneck we provide(More)
We propose a linear transceiver scheme for the symmetric two-user multiple access channel with additive white Gaussian noise and quantized feedback. The quantized feedback link is modeled as an information bottleneck subject to a rate constraint. We introduce a superposition scheme that splits the transmit power of each user between an Ozarow-like code(More)
It is well known that feedback does not increase the capacity of the AWGN channel. Schalkwijk and Kailath presented a feedback scheme that dramatically improves the error probability for finite block lengths. Unfortunately, the Schalkwijk-Kailath scheme requires perfect feedback, which is often not feasible. We study the performance of linear transmission(More)
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