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A nonlinear dynamic inversion L1 adaptive controller for a Generic Transport Model
Presented here is an L1 adaptive control architecture for a generic transport aircraft. At its core, this architecture features a three-axis, non-linear, dynamic inversion controller. Command inputsExpand
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A nonlinear dynamic inversion Predictor-Based Model Reference Adaptive Controller for a Generic Transport Model
Presented here is a Predictor-Based Model Reference Adaptive Control (PMRAC) architecture for a generic transport aircraft. At its core, this architecture features a three-axis, non-linear,Expand
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Parameter Estimation for a Hybrid Adaptive Flight Controller
This paper expands on the hybrid control architecture developed at the NASA Ames Research Center by addressing issues related to indirect adaptation using the recursive least squares (RLS) algorithm.Expand
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Projection Operator: A Step Towards Certification of Adaptive Controllers
One of the major barriers to wider use of adaptive controllers in commercial aviation is the lack of appropriate certification procedures. In order to be certified by the Federal AviationExpand
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Implementation and Evaluation of Multiple Adaptive Control Technologies for a Generic Transport Aircraft Simulation
Presented here is the evaluation of multiple adaptive control technologies for a generic transport aircraft simulation. For this study, seven model reference adaptive control (MRAC) basedExpand
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An Adaptive Control Simulation Study using Pilot Handling Qualities Evaluations
Presented herein are the results of an adaptive control simulation study using metrics and pilot handling qualities on a generic commercial aviation aircraft. For this study, seven model referenceExpand
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Adaptive Control of a Damaged Transport Aircraft Using M-MRAC
In this paper we apply the novel modi ed reference model MRAC (M-MRAC) method to the stabilization, command-tracking, and disturbance rejection problems of a generic transport aircraft (GTM)Expand
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The future shape of AUSTUDY: Practical and policy implications of the recent proposed changes
s or Summaries of all CAEPR Discussion Papers can be found at the following World Wide Web address: http:\\online.anu.edu\caepr A» with all CAEPR publication*, the view* expressed in this DiscussionExpand
Pilot Evaluation of Adaptive Control in Motion-Based Flight Simulator
 Define each adaptive control technology for a common set of basis functions (used for parameterizing the model uncertainty).  Tune each adaptive technology to achieve a 50 ms time-delay margin. Expand
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