Stefan El-Gammal

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The floral nectary of Digitalis purpurea is a transitory organ with stomatal exudation of nectar. In this type of nectary, the nectar is thought to be transported to the exterior via intercellular ducts that traverse the nectariferous tissue. The latter is also traversed by a ramified system of phloem strands from which prenectar sugar(More)
For objective evaluation of the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris standard techniques are desirable. They should be reproducible, sensitive and non-invasive. In this study non-invasive bioengineering techniques, especially high frequency/high resolution ultrasound for measurement of the healing of psoriasis vulgaris were evaluated. Fifty patients with chronic(More)
We examined psoriatic lesions on the upper legs in 20 patients, using a two-dimensional Laser-Doppler-Scanner (Laser Doppler Perfusion Imager LDI, Lisca Development, Linköping/Sweden). The plaques were evaluated weekly during therapy with dithranol. Five plaques were reconstructed three-dimensionally before and after therapy (reconstruction program ANAT 3D,(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluation techniques for determining the strength of action and the onset of activity of H1 receptor blockers have not yet been sufficiently standardized. OBJECTIVE The clinical efficacy of the H1 receptor blocker loratadine was to be measured upon a wheal response subsequent to an intracutaneous injection of 0.1 ml histamine (0.1%). METHODS(More)
We report on a 39-year-old female patient who has had a pincer-nail syndrome affecting most of the toenails and all her fingernails since early childhood. A conservative treatment with uric acid ointment under occlusion was used to dissolve the central part of the curved nail. With this therapy, the growing nail slowly curved back into its normal shape and(More)
We examined the clinical and histological effects of etretin in pustulosis palmo-plantaris (PPP) in a multicentre study. 30 patients with PPP were treated with etretin in a double-blind study. After a 4-week interval of either etretin (50 mg/day) or placebo (randomized), all patients received etretin during a second period of 20 weeks (the dosage was(More)
Recently it has become possible to visualize the three-dimensional (3D) architecture of sonographic structures using high-resolution ultrasound above 20 MHz (Dermascan C, Denmark; DUB 20, Germany). We studied the objectivity, reproducibility, and validity of these two 3D analysis systems on 22 skin tumors. To validate both systems, we compared the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Noninvasive methods are introduced for the monitoring of healing of psoriasis. Fumaris acid derivatives (FAD) were used in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris for more than 30 years, but the effectiveness of these drugs has remained controversial. The object was to study the efficacy of FAD in a prospective study including noninvasive(More)
Using computer reconstruction techniques, it is possible to study and understand the three-dimensional architecture of the histo-pathological changes in pustulosis palmo-plantaris (PPP). In PPP vesicles and pustules develop. As the vesicles move upwards, they may gain contact with a granulocytic lake above them. Through the roof of the vesicle, granulocytes(More)
We report a patient with pustular psoriasis (Zumbusch type) with diffuse muscle pain. Evaluation of skeletal muscle metabolism during rest, graded levels of exercise and recovery was performed using 31phosphor magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P MRS). Our results underline the systemic character of severe pustular psoriasis. The clinical improvement after(More)