Stefan Donath

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miRNAs participate in the regulation of apoptosis. However, it remains largely unknown as to how miRNAs are integrated into the apoptotic program. Mitochondrial fission is involved in the initiation of apoptosis. It is not yet clear whether miRNAs are able to regulate mitochondrial fission. Here we report that miR-30 family members are able to regulate(More)
WaLBerla (Widely applicable Lattice-Boltzmann from Erlangen) is a massively parallel software framework supporting a wide range of physical phenomena. This article describes the software designs realizing the major goal of the framework, a good balance between expandabil-ity and scalable, highly optimized, hardware-dependent, special purpose kernels. To(More)
In this report, we discuss the performance behaviour of different parallel lattice Boltzmann implementations. In previous works, we already proposed a fast serial implementation and a cache oblivious spatial and temporal blocking algorithm for the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) in three spatial dimensions. The cache oblivious update scheme has originally(More)
Apoptotic signaling plays an important role in the development and maintenance of healthy skeletal muscle. However, dysregulation of apoptotic signals in skeletal muscle is associated with atrophy and loss of function. Apoptosis repressor with caspase recruitment domain (ARC) is a potent anti-apoptotic protein that is highly expressed in skeletal muscle;(More)
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