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We report results relating to the thermal stability of nanoparticles and show a remarkable effect of nanostructuring of the metal. Au films are nanostructured by focused ion beam sputtering (FIB) to produce isolated areas of metal, which are imaged by atomic force microscopy (AFM). Images of the surface show that, if the islands are made small enough, the(More)
This paper presents two W-band waveguide bandpass filters, one fabricated using laser micromachining and the other 3-D printing. Both filters are based on coupled resonators and are designed to have a Chebyshev response. The first filter is for laser micromachining and it is designed to have a compact structure allowing the whole filter to be made from a(More)
We fabricated films of Au onto single crystal alumina (Al(2)O(3)(0001)) and nanostructured the surface using a high resolution focused ion beam (FIB) to remove specific regions of the film. The nanostructures consist of lines and orthogonal lines cut into the film, resulting in one- and two-dimensional islands of gold. When these films are heated above 300(More)
The tendency is that in the next few years the number of networked home appliances will increase. These appliances will be accessed remotely either directly or through a home gateway.Many different manufacturers produce home appliances using different hardware platforms. At the same time, the user interface and the logical operation of appliances of the(More)
There are studies that provide empirical data on how communication affects team productivity and decision-making but they do not provide practical approach to quantification of the communicated information. We need more specific and detailed guidance as to what information to communicate and when and how to communicate it.With this paper we initiate our(More)
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