Stefan Diaconescu

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This document presents a new kind of grammar: the Generative Dependency Grammar (GDG). This type of grammar is based on dependency trees (DT) and a generative process. GDG will eliminate some issues of DG (by example the missing of phrasal categories) and GG (the problem of discontinuous structures) and will merge the advantages of the two types of grammar(More)
AVT (Attribute Value Tree) can be considered a generalization of AVM (Attribute Value Matrix) used in many Feature Structured Unification grammars (FSUG). In this paper we give some properties of the AVT like: paths in an AVT, exclusive combinations in an AVT, logical interpretation of an AVT, well formed AVT, the equivalence of the AVTs, the ordered AVTs,(More)
Abstract. This paper presents an extension of the Generative Dependency Grammar (GDG) and GDG with Feature Structure (FS). The extension consist of the indirect dependency notion introduction. The direct dependencies allows to expres some relations between elements (for exemples non-terminals) belonging to the the right side of a single grammar rule. The(More)
The paper presents a very general method to describe the agreement in the natural languages. The method can be used in automatic translation. It allows the analysis of a text and then the generation of the text in target language so it can be embeded in the reversible grammars. It allows also in the case of analysis the treatment of the agreement errors.(More)
Since the “explosion” of the number of on-line transactions, many IT researchers have concentrated their efforts to offer solutions to the security demanded by operations involving financial data. This paper proposes a novel system which employs biometry to secure electronic transactions by using the dynamic signature as the single individual characteristic(More)
This paper gives an outline about most important features of GRAALAN (Grammar Abstract Language) used for linguistic knowledge description. GRAALAN is an implementation of theoretical concepts of GDGF (Generative Dependency Grammars with Features) and AVT (Attribute Value Trees). GDGF is based on dependency trees (DT) and a generative process. GDG(More)