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Raised risks of several cancers have been found in patients with type II diabetes, but there are few data on cancer risk in type I diabetes. We conducted a cohort study of 28 900 UK patients with insulin-treated diabetes followed for 520 517 person-years, and compared their cancer incidence and mortality with national expectations. To analyse by diabetes(More)
AIMS To measure cause-specific mortality, by age, in patients with insulin-treated diabetes incident at a young age. METHODS A cohort of 23 752 patients with insulin-treated diabetes diagnosed under the age of 30 years, from throughout the United Kingdom, was identified during 1972-93 and followed to February 1997. Death certificates have been obtained(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Disease of the cardiovascular system is the main cause of long-term complications and mortality in patients with type I (insulin-dependent) and type II (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes. Cerebrovascular mortality rates have been shown to be raised in patients with type II diabetes but have not previously been reported by age and sex in(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Although ischaemic heart disease is the predominant cause of mortality in older people with diabetes, age-specific mortality rates have not been published for patients with Type 1 diabetes. The Diabetes UK cohort, essentially one of patients with Type 1 diabetes, now has sufficient follow-up to report all heart disease, and specifically(More)
AIMS To assess mortality in patients with diabetes incident under the age of 30 years. METHODS A cohort of 23 752 diabetic patients diagnosed under the age of 30 years from throughout the United Kingdom was identified during 1972-93 and followed up to February 1997. Following notification of deaths during this period, age- and sex-specific mortality(More)
AIMS To assess pregnancy outcomes, in particular birthweight, in a large population-based cohort of women in Scotland with pre-gestational insulin-treated diabetes mellitus. METHODS Data about diabetes from the Diabetes UK cohort were linked to data on births from the Scottish Hospital In-Patient Record System. This identified 1112 eligible singleton(More)
AIMS To investigate mortality in South Asian patients with insulin-treated diabetes and compare it with mortality in non South Asian patients and in the general population. METHODS A prospective cohort study was conducted of 828 South Asian and 27 962 non South Asian patients in the UK with insulin-treated diabetes diagnosed at ages under 50 years. The(More)