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A recent survey of healthcare finance executives on patient accounting system usage provided information on how key decisions about systems are made. Results show that decision makers are handicapped in the decision-making process because they are aware of only a subset of available systems, decreasing the likelihood of selecting the best possible system.
How satisfied is the average finance executive with the performance of his institution's patient accounting system? Not very. What causes this dissatisfaction? A variety of factors: Not enough flexibility, the inability to modify or expand the system, the lack of system interfaces, and inadequate support. These are all leading contributors to the finance(More)
In the first article of this series, it was stated that most finance executives are not very satisfied with the performance of their current patient accounting systems. What steps can a patient accounting system planner take to help ensure the system selected will garner high ratings from managers and users? Two primarily steps need to be taken. First, the(More)
A recently conducted survey on patient accounting system usage looked at the level of design, system, and vendor satisfaction. The survey revealed an increase in user satisfaction in the areas of system expansion and growth potential, ease of modification, capability to interface to other systems, and revision and updating capabilities. However, respondents(More)
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