Stefan Byttner

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In multiple industries, including automotive one, predictive maintenance is becoming more and more important, especially since the focus shifts from product to service-based operation. It requires, among other, being able to provide customers with uptime guarantees. It is natural to investigate the use of data mining techniques, especially since the same(More)
Creating fault detection software for complex mechatronic systems (e.g. modern vehicles) is costly both in terms of engineer time and hardware resources. With the availability of wireless communication in vehicles, information can be transmitted from vehicles to allow historical or fleet comparisons. New networked applications can be created that, e.g.,(More)
The battery cells are an important part of electric and hybrid vehicles and their deterioration due to aging directly affects the life cycle and performance of the whole battery system. Therefore an early aging detection of the battery cell is an important task and its correct solution could significantly improve the whole vehicle performance. This paper(More)
An approach is proposed for automatic fault detection in a population of mechatronic systems. The idea is to employ self-organizing algorithms that produce lowdimensional representations of sensor and actuator values on the vehicles, and compare these low-dimensional representations among the systems. If a representation in one vehicle is found to deviate(More)
Fleets of commercial vehicles represent an excellent real life setting for ubiquitous knowledge discovery. There are many electronic control units onboard a modern bus or truck, with hundreds of signals being transmitted between them on the controller area network. The growing complexity of the vehicles has lead to a significant desire to have systems for(More)
It is difficult to implement predictive maintenance in the automotive industry as it looks today, since the sensor capabilities and engineering effort available for diagnostic purposes is limited. It is, in practice, impossible to develop diagnostic algorithms capable of detecting many different kinds of faults that would be applicable to a wide range of(More)