Stefan Brandle

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Software Studio is a studio-based learning (SBL) curriculum designed to train students as professional software engineers. Traditional software engineering courses remain important, but suffer significant gaps in preparing students for professional engagement. We describe our curriculum model, highlight ways in which it fills these gaps, and offer a SWOT(More)
enrolled me in the Ph.D. program before I knew that I wanted to be a student again, then suffered my presence with patience and wisdom for too many years. together with Dr. Evens created and ran the CIRCSIM-Tutor project in which I have labored so happily. They give of themselves unstintingly. I thank my professors, fellow students, and researchers on this(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGMENT All theses are the labor of countless hands seen and unseen. Let us remember their toil. I acknowledge the efforts of my past teachers William Bodamer and Wesley Snyder: both were most inspiring. I am very grateful to my dear friend Lauren Campbell for keeping me going, and sane, throughout the writing of this thesis and for her love. I(More)
In this paper we discuss an imporant aspect of human tut orial dialogue –the use of acknowledgments–and present a critique of earlier work on the use of acknowledgments in synthesizing tutorial dialogues for Intelligent Tutoring Sy stems (Evens et al, 1993). Our goal is to establish a more solid theoretical base for studying and synthesizing tutorial(More)
2000 iii ACKNOWLEDGMENT I am very grateful to my parents for their endless love and encouragement. I am deeply grateful to my wife for her love, understanding and patience. I love you, my children, JaeHyung and YounKyung. I have received a great deal of encouragement, advice and help from people associated with the CIRCSIM-Tutor research group. I am(More)
Evens, who mentored and encouraged me to pursue my degree from the first day I met her. Medical College. Their insight and enthusiasm have made a huge impact on my thinking of tutoring systems. I also want to thank my colleagues in Circsim-Tutor project. It was such a pleasure to working with them. Finally thank you Wenhui. You are the one who is always(More)
CIRCSIM-Tutor uses natural language for both input and output. It can handle a variety of syntactic constructions and lexical items, including sentence fragments and misspelled words. It conducts a conversation with a student to help the student learn to solve a class of problems in cardiovascular physiology dealing with the regulation of blood pressure. We(More)
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