Stefan Bracht

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One of the unresolved issues regarding research on bulimia nervosa concerns the question as to how patients diagnosed with bulimia nervosa respond to body image exposure. In addition, it remains unclear whether there are differential responses associated with different exposure techniques (e.g. in vivo exposure vs. exposure by visualization). The aim of the(More)
It was the aim of the study to evaluate the suitability of the probe tack test as a method of predicting the long-term adhesion properties of transdermal patches to human skin. Twelve different types of polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesives have been characterized using the probe tack test. For the analysis of the obtained data a novel procedure was(More)
An analytical capillary isotachophoretic method for the analysis of the eicosanoids leukotriene E4, leukotriene B4, prostaglandins E1 and E2, 6-keto-prostaglandin F1 alpha, thromboxane B2, and their metabolites of omega- and/or beta-oxidation is described. The method is based on anionic separation and detection by UV absorbance (254 nm) and conductivity and(More)
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