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With increasing cost competition and product variety, providing an efficient Just-in-Time (JIT) supply has become one of the greatest challenges in the use of mixed-model assembly line production systems. In the present paper, therefore, we propose a new approach for scheduling JIT part supply from a central storage center. Usually, materials are stored in(More)
This paper focuses on single machine scheduling subject to machine deterioration. The current maintenance state of the machine is determined by a maintenance level. While jobs are processed this maintenance level drops by a certain, possibly job-dependent, amount. A maintenance level of less than zero is associated with the machine's breakdown and is(More)
In this paper the Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem 1 is considered. This well known NP-hard problem has been widely studied in the last thirty years. Therefore several sequential algorithms have been designed for solving it. But although these algorithms have become more and more eecient they cannot cope with a lot of instances of realistic size. For(More)