Stefan Bleher

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The screening of a reduced yet diverse and synthesizable region of the chemical space is a critical step in drug discovery. The ZINC database is nowadays routinely used to freely access and screen millions of commercially available compounds. We collected ∼125 million compounds from chemical catalogs and the ZINC database, yielding more than 68 million(More)
Mucoadhesive drug therapy destined for localized drug treatment is gaining increasing importance in today's drug development. Chitosan, due to its known biodegradability, bioadhesiveness and excellent safety profile offers means to improve mucosal drug therapy. We have used chitosan as mucoadhesive polymer to develop liposomes able to ensure prolonged(More)
Amphiphiles and, in particular, PEGylated lipids or alkyl ethers represent an important class of non-ionic surfactants and have become key ingredients for long-circulating (“stealth”) liposomes. While poly-(ethylene glycol) (PEG) can be considered the gold standard for stealth-like materials, it is known to be neither a bio-based nor biodegradable material.(More)
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