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While the conceptual architecture of enterpriseinformation logistics has been stable since the late 1980ies, IT hardware has been subject to radical change recently. Since in-memory appliances as a new technology might address many challenges of information logistics, we discuss its potentials first. Based on a case study of a global automotive company, we(More)
In this paper we explore the role of pressure for the use of enterprise architecture (EA) artifact. Based on a quantitative dataset on EA artifacts and enterprise architecture management (EAM) benefits, we specifically explore the relationships between the use intensity of EA artifacts, pressure to use these artifacts, and EAM benefit realization. Focusing(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal cell proliferation, which results from deregulation of the cell cycle, is fundamental in tumorigenesis. OBJECTIVES To investigate the expression of proliferation markers and cell cycle regulators in a range of T cell lymphoproliferative skin diseases. METHODS We studied skin specimens of 51 patients with parapsoriasis (PP), mycosis(More)