Stefan Bender

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This paper assesses the cost and benefits of extensions in the duration of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits in recessions. Using multiple sharp eligibility thresholds by age in the German UI system we obtain regression discontinuity estimates for the effect of extensions in the duration of UI benefits. Using the universe of unemployment spells and(More)
Based on a large employer-employee matched data set, the paper investigates the effects of variable enforcement of German dismissal protection legislation on the employment dynamics in small establishments. Specifically, using a difference-in-differences approach, we study the effect of changes in the threshold scale exempting small establishments from(More)
In the Right Place at the Wrong Time: The Role of Firms and Luck in Young Workers’ Careers We exploit administrative data on young German workers and their employers to study the long-term effects of an early job loss. To account for non-random sorting of workers into firms with different turnover rates and for selective job mobility, we use changes over(More)
Jörg Drechsler*, Stefan Bender* and Susanne Rässler** * Institute for Employment Research (IAB) Regensburger Straße 104 90478 Nürnberg, Germany E‐mail; ** Otto‐Friedrich‐University Bamberg, Department of Statistics and Econometrics Feldkirchenstraße 21, 96045 Bamberg, Germany E‐mail(More)
The lidA Cohort Study (German Cohort Study on Work, Age, Health and Work Participation) was set up to investigate and follow the effects of work and work context on the physical and psychological health of the ageing workforce in Germany and subsequently on work participation. Cohort participants are initially employed people subject to social security(More)
This paper deals with the effects of entry into motherhood on women’s employment dynamics. Our analysis is based on the complete lifetime workingand income histories of a 1% sample of all persons born between 1934 and 1971 and employed in West Germany sometime between 1975 and 1995. We use the records of women who were employed before the birth of their(More)
The effect of extending the duration of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits on nonemployment duration is a hotly debated question. The vast majority of the literature (e.g., Lawrence Katz and Bruce D. Meyer 1990, Johannes F. Schmieder, Till von Wachter, and Stefan Bender 2012) [henceforth SVB]) analyzes the effect of extensions in UI durations or increases(More)