Stefan Belle

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A polymer planar Bragg grating sensor is used for measuring both mechanical compressive and tensile strain. The planar waveguide with integrated Bragg grating is fabricated in bulk Polymethylmethacrylate in a single writing step using combined amplitude and phase mask technique. After butt coupling of a single-mode optical fiber the planar structure can be(More)
We report on a new optical strain sensor based on a polymer planar Bragg grating (PPBG). The sensor consists of commercially available bulk Polymethlymethacrylate with a UV-inscribed optical waveguide as well as a Bragg grating, both of which are fabricated simultaneously in a single writing step. Upon axial strain, the Bragg wavelength reveals a(More)
We report on a one-step writing process of a planar waveguide including a Bragg grating structure in bulk Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). A KrF excimer laser and a phase mask covered by an amplitude mask were used to locally increase the refractive index in PMMA and thereby generate simultaneously the planar waveguide and the Bragg grating. Our results show(More)
We report an optical refractive index sensor system based on a planar Bragg grating which is functionalized by substituted γ-cyclodextrin to determine low concentrations of naphthalene in solvent vapor. The sensor system exhibits a quasi-instantaneous shift of the Bragg wavelength and is therefore capable for online detection. The overall shift of the Bragg(More)
We report on the application of perallyl-substituted α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins to an optical planar Bragg grating refractive index sensor for the effective sensitization of the sensor for airborne volatile aromatic hydrocarbons. Thereby, the emphasis of this work lies on the comparison of the different cyclodextrin types regarding their suitability as(More)
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