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The Causal Effects of Competition on Innovation: Experimental Evidence
In this paper, we design two laboratory experiments to analyze the causal effects of competition on step-by-step innovation. Innovations result from costly R&D investments and move technology up oneExpand
Digital Rights Management in the United States and Europe
Over the last ten years, legislators and courts worldwide have created a comprehensive legal framework surrounding Digital Rights Management (DRM). Starting from a description of the technologiesExpand
3D Printing, Intellectual Property and Innovation Policy
Three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies differ from traditional molding and casting manufacturing processes in that they build 3D objects by successively creating layers of material on top ofExpand
European Privacy Law and Global Markets for Data
We demonstrate how privacy law interacts with competition and trade policy in the context of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We follow more than 110,000 websites for 18 monthsExpand
The Present and Future of Digital Rights Management
  • Stefan Bechtold
  • Computer Science
  • Second International Conference on Automated…
  • 13 December 2006
An overview of the various ways by which digital content is protected in a DRM system is provided and whether the tension between technological protection and public values such as fair use, privacy, competition and an innovation commons is really irreconcilable is questioned. Expand
From Copyright to Information Law - Implications of Digital Rights Management
  • Stefan Bechtold
  • Computer Science
  • Digital Rights Management Workshop
  • 5 November 2001
This article tries to show that from a lawyer's perspective some of the innovativeness and potential of DRM can only be understood when one looks at it from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. Expand
The Fashion of TV Show Formats
The story is told of how an industry has developed institutions enabling it to cope with uncertain demand and unpredictable profitability, while benefiting from limited appropriability of innovation and from the fashion cycles which underlie the innovative process. Expand
Trademarks, Triggers, and Online Search
Internet search engines display advertisements along with search results, providing them with a major source of revenue. The display of ads is triggered by the use of keywords, which are found in theExpand
We investigate whether patents on human genes have affected follow-on scientific research and product development. Using administrative data on successful and unsuccessful patent applicationsExpand
Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the Harmonisation of Certain Aspects of Copyright and Related Rights in the Information Society
(2) The European Council, meeting at Corfu on 24 and 25 June 1994, stressed the need to create a general and flexible legal framework at Community level in order to foster the development of theExpand