Stefan Back Andersson

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In this paper a flexible RF-sampling front-end primarily intended for WLAN operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5- 6 GHz bands is presented. The circuit is implemented in a 0.13 mum CMOS process with certain built-in test features. It consists of a wideband LNA and a SC discrete-time decimation filter used as a sampling IQ down-converter. The architecture is(More)
In recent years, the wireless communication has evolved towards multi-function and multi-standard terminals. Reducing the number of external components and the reuse of both digital and RF functional blocks is a key feature when a single terminal has to process a multitude of standards with different data rates, modulation types, and frequency bands.(More)
A high-speed low-power cross-correlator ASIC has been implemented in a 65-nm CMOS process for the purpose of synthetic aperture radiometry from geostationary orbiting earth observation satellites. The chip performs cross-correlation on all individual signal pairs from 64 digital 1-bit inputs, which amounts to 2016 individual cross-correlation products. The(More)
ii This is a Doctorate Thesis. Swedish postgraduate education leads to a Doctor's degree and/or a Licentiate's degree. A Doctor's Degree comprises 240 ECTS credits (4 years of full-time studies). A Licentiate's degree comprises 120 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits constitute a Licentiate's thesis. Linköping studies in science and technology.(More)
— We present a high-speed low-power 8-channel com-parator tailored for the application of sampling antenna signals in a cross-correlator system for space-borne synthetic aperture radiometer instruments. Features like clock return path, per-channel offset calibration and bias current tuning make the comparator adaptable and gives the possibility to adjust(More)
In this paper we present the noise analysis of an SC filter for RF sampling and downconversion. The filter implementation is made in 0.12mum CMOS and is primarily intended for WLAN in the 2.4 GHz band and with 20 MHz signal bandwidth. The fundamental noise properties of switched capacitor circuits are discussed while deriving the necessary equations needed(More)