Stefan Büdenbender

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Cyclodextrins resist hydrolysis by burying all bridge oxygens at their interior. Still, the rings can be opened by a small group of specialized enzymes, the cyclomaltodextrinases. Among them, the enzyme from Flavobacterium sp. no. 92 was mutated, crystallized and soaked with cyclodextrins, giving rise to four complex structures. One of them showed an(More)
The crystal structure of the FAD-dependent chondrochloren halogenase CndH has been established at 2.1 A resolution. The enzyme contains the characteristic FAD-binding scaffold of the glutathione reductase superfamily. Except for its C-terminal domain, the chainfold of CndH is virtually identical with those of FAD-dependent aromatic hydroxylases. When(More)
TextGrid is a new Grid project in the framework of the German D-Grid initiative, with the aim to deploy Grid technologies for humanities scholars working on historical (German) texts. Its two roots, humanities computing and eScience (Grid computing used by research together with modern communication technologies), are the basis for TextGrid to provide(More)
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