Stefan Bösner

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BACKGROUND Chest pain raises concern for the possibility of coronary heart disease. Scoring methods have been developed to identify coronary heart disease in emergency settings, but not in primary care. METHODS Data were collected from a multicenter Swiss clinical cohort study including 672 consecutive patients with chest pain, who had visited one of 59(More)
BACKGROUND Chest pain is a common complaint and reason for consultation in primary care. Research related to gender differences in regard to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) has been mainly conducted in hospital but not in primary care settings. We aimed to analyse gender differences in aetiology and clinical characteristics of chest pain and to provide gender(More)
BACKGROUND Chest pain is a common complaint and reason for consultation in primary care. Few data exist from a primary care setting whether male patients are treated differently than female patients. We examined whether there are gender differences in general physicians' (GPs) initial assessment and subsequent management of patients with chest pain, and how(More)
AIM To estimate how accurately general practitioners' (GP) assessed the probability of coronary heart disease in patients presenting with chest pain and analyze the patient management decisions taken as a result. METHODS During 2005 and 2006, the cross-sectional diagnostic study with a delayed-type reference standard included 74 GPs in the German state of(More)
BACKGROUND In chest pain, physicians are confronted with numerous interrelationships between symptoms and with evidence for or against classifying a patient into different diagnostic categories. The aim of our study was to find natural groups of patients on the basis of risk factors, history and clinical examination data which should then be validated with(More)
Primary care is in a unique position to teach the broad spectrum of differential diagnoses. We developed and piloted a new elective seminar 'Differential Diagnosis in Primary Care'. With the help of simulation patients, training models, interactive small group work, and short lectures we addressed common complaints presented in the daily routine of primary(More)
AIM To determine the diagnostic value of single symptoms and signs for coronary heart disease (CHD) in patients with chest pain. METHODS Searches of two electronic databases (EMBASE 1980 to March 2008, PubMed 1966 to May 2009) and hand searching in seven journals were conducted. Eligible studies recruited patients presenting with acute or chronic chest(More)
A proper representation of the uncertainty involved in a prediction is an important prerequisite for the acceptance of machine learning and decision support technology in safety-critical application domains such as medical diagnosis. Despite the existence of various probabilistic approaches in these fields, there is arguably no method that is able to(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal (GI) disease is one of the leading aetiologies of chest pain in a primary care setting. The aims of the study are to describe clinical characteristics of GI disease causing chest pain and to provide criteria for clinical diagnosis. METHODS We included 1212 consecutive patients with chest pain aged 35 years and older attending(More)
BACKGROUND Differential diagnosis is a crucial skill for primary care physicians. General practice plays an increasing important role in undergraduate medical education. Via general practice, students may be presented with an overview of the whole spectrum of differential diagnosis in regard to common symptoms encountered in primary care. This project(More)