Stefan Andrei

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—Real-time logic (RTL) [2], [3], [4] is useful for the verification of a safety assertion with respect to the specification of a real-time system. Since the satisfiability problem for RTL is undecidable, the systematic debugging of a real-time system appears impossible. A first step toward this challenge was presented in [1]. With RTL, each propositional(More)
On current superscalar processors, performance and power issues cannot be decoupled for designers. Extensive simulations are usually required to meet both power and performance constraints. This paper describes an integrated performance and power analytical model. The model's performance and power results are in good agreement with detailed simulations,(More)
The paper refers to the Collatz's conjecture. In the first part, we present some equivalent forms of this conjecture and a slight generalization of a former result from [1]. Then, we present the notion of " chain subtrees " in Collatz's tree followed by a characterization theorem and some subclass of numbers which are labels for some chain subtrees. Next,(More)