Stefan Andersson

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Cholesterol 24-hydroxylase is a cytochrome P450 (CYP46A1) that is selectively expressed in the brain and is responsible for the majority of cholesterol turnover in the central nervous system. Mice deficient in 24-hydroxylase exhibit impaired learning and defective hippocampal long-term potentiation, suggesting that the metabolism of cholesterol by this(More)
Many organisations are currently restricted in their choice of software because of restrictions imposed by existing systems. Challenges include a lack of interoperability and a risk of technological lock-in, which many small companies seek to address by utilising Open Standards and Open Source implementations of such standards when developing and deploying(More)
i Akademisk avhandling som med tillstånd av Mittuniversitetet i Sundsvall framläggs till offentlig granskning för avläggande av teknologie licentiatexamen onsdag, 30 november, 2011, klockan 9:30 i sal M102, Mittuniversitetet Sundsvall. Seminariet kommer att hållas på engelska. ABSTRACT The thesis is focussed on low consistency (LC) refining of mechanical(More)
Although genotype-by-environment interaction has long been used to unveil the genetic variation that affects Darwinian fitness, the mechanisms underlying the interaction usually remain unknown. Genetic variation at the dimeric glycolytic enzyme phosphoglucoisomerase (Pgi) has been observed to interact with temperature to explain the variation in the(More)
In this qualitative study, an experimental horror game was developed to test what and how different aspects of the level design would guide players. The aspects that were used were identified in a pilot study. Five volunteers played the game and then participated in a Stimulated Recall Interview where each person was asked about their thought-process during(More)
Recent years have seen increasing interest in indirect genetic effects, i.e. influences on the phenotype that depend on the genotype of other conspecific individuals; however, the empirical evidence for such effects is still limited, especially in wild plant species. The present study of the clonal herb Sedum album assessed direct and indirect genetic(More)