Stefan Andersson

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Many organisations are currently restricted in their choice of software because of restrictions imposed by existing systems. Challenges include a lack of interoperability and a risk of technological lock-in, which many small companies seek to address by utilising Open Standards and Open Source implementations of such standards when developing and deploying(More)
Within DiVA (Digital Scientific Archive) XML is used for storage and archiving, for inter-application-communication, for creation of web pages, and for the export of metadata. Many parts of the publication work flow (print and electronic), most parts of the archiving workflow, and the metadata workflow are supported by the use of XML. All metadata are(More)
Postprint This is the accepted version of a paper published in Information Services and Use. This paper has been peer-reviewed but does not include the final publisher proof-corrections or journal pagination. Access to the published version may require subscription. Abstract. In this paper we give an overview of the development of institutional repositories(More)
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