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This paper reviews the research in progress in Oxford on the chemical, spectroscopic and redox properties of bis(thiosemicarbazonato) complexes of zinc and copper in the context of the hypoxia selectivity of the copper(II) complex. Also, covered are synthetic strategies for modified complexes with a range of functional substituents and the in vitro and in(More)
In this paper, we investigate the problem of all-to-all broadcast in optical networks, also known as gossiping. This problem is very important in the context of control plane design as it relates to status information dissemination. We present a routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) method to reduce the number of wavelengths such that the communication is(More)
We report on a gamma-ray coincidence analysis using a mixed array of hyperpure germanium and cerium-doped lanthanum tri-bromide (LaBr3:Ce) scintillation detectors to study nuclear electromagnetic transition rates in the pico-to-nanosecond time regime in 33,34P and 33S following fusion-evaporation reactions between an 18O beam and an isotopically enriched(More)
In this thesis we propose a novel way to achieve global network information dissemination in which some wavelengths are reserved exclusively for global control information exchange. We study the routing and wavelength assignment problem for the special communication pattern of non-blocking all-to-all broadcast in WDM optical networks. We provide efficient(More)
Scientific motivation: The proton-rich nuclei heavier than Fe (the so-called p – nuclei) are produced by a combination of the (γ, n), (γ, p) and (γ, α) reactions on existing s or r nuclei at temperatures around a few GK, characteristic of explosive environments. To adequately describe the p – process nucleosynthesis, one needs reliable information on the(More)
In this contribution, further evidence of the importance of multiphonon-octupole excitations to describe experimental data in the rare earths and actinides will be presented. First, new results of a (p, t) experiment at the Q3D magnetic spectrograph in Munich will be discussed, which was performed to selectively excite J = 0 states in 240Pu. spd f(More)
A search for shape isomers in the ^{66}Ni nucleus was performed, following old suggestions of various mean-field models and recent ones, based on state-of-the-art Monte Carlo shell model (MCSM), all considering ^{66}Ni as the lightest nuclear system with shape isomerism. By employing the two-neutron transfer reaction induced by an ^{18}O beam on a ^{64}Ni(More)
The experimental E1 strength distribution below 4 MeV in rare-earth nuclei suggests a local breaking of isospin symmetry. In addition to the octupole states, additional J^{π}=1^{-} states with enhanced E1 strength have been observed in rare-earth nuclei by means of (γ,γ') experiments. By reproducing the experimental results, the spdf interacting boson model(More)
P. J. R. Mason,1,* Zs. Podolyák,1 N. Mărginean,2 P. H. Regan,1,3 P. D. Stevenson,1 V. Werner,4 T. Alexander,1 A. Algora,5,6 T. Alharbi,1,7 M. Bowry,1 R. Britton,1 A. M. Bruce,8 D. Bucurescu,2 M. Bunce,1 G. Căta-Danil,2 I. Căta-Danil,2 N. Cooper,4 D. Deleanu,2 D. Delion,2 D. Filipescu,2 W. Gelletly,1 D. Ghiţă,2 I. Gheorghe,2 T. Glodariu,2 G. Ilie,4 D.(More)
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