Stefan Agrenius

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The effect of temperature on growth rate, shell size and shell shape in Krithe praetexta praetexta (Sars) was studied in four thermocultures. From July 1995 to June 1996, the cultures were kept in a continuously flowing open system pumping water from the intermediate watermass of the Gullmarn fjord, west coast of Sweden. Three cultures were kept at constant(More)
The effect of tri-n-butyl tin (TBT) on an intact marine sediment community after five months exposure was investigated. Changes in the structure of macro- and meiofauna communities were determined, as well as the functional diversity of the microbial community using BIOLOG microplates for Gram negative bacteria. Development of tolerance in the microbial(More)
A field experiment with thin-layer capping was conducted in the Grenland fjords, Norway, for remediation in situ of mercury and dioxin-contaminated sediments. Experimental fields at 30 and 95 m depth were capped with (i) powdered activated carbon (AC) mixed with clay (AC+cla`y), (ii) clay, and (iii) crushed limestone. Ecological effects on the benthic(More)
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