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UNLABELLED Use of generic tacrolimus in liver transplantation (LT) could result in cost savings. Generic tacrolimus has been shown to be bioequivalent to innovator tacrolimus in healthy volunteers and renal transplant patients. There are limited data on the de novo use of generic tacrolimus in LT. This study aimed to determine whether the de novo use of(More)
The benefits of calcium applications pre and postharvest on fruit storage ability have been mentioned in the bibliography. It was objective of this work to study the effect of calcium preharvest application in two different forms and calcium chloride application postharvest on ‘Hayward’ kiwifruit storage ability. Kiwifruit vines were sprayed with 0.03%(More)
The decrease in the number of cadaveric donors has proved a limiting factor in the number of liver transplants, leading to the death of many patients on the waiting list. The living donor liver transplantation is an option that allows, in selected cases, increase the number of donors. One of the most serious complications in liver transplantation is hepatic(More)
The software configurable processor finds best use in the embedded systems. These processors have on­chip logic like FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and thus can be configured to implement custom hardware functionality. The digital computing tasks that need to accelerate in hardware can be compiled down to a (More)
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