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Dense analytic subspaces in fractalL2-spaces
We show that for certain self-similar measures μ with support in the interval 0≤x≤1, the analytic functions {ei2πnx:n=0,1,2, …} contain an orthonormal basis inL2 (μ). Moreover, we identify subsetsP ⊂Expand
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Limiting factors in Escherichia coli fed-batch production of recombinant proteins.
Fed-batch production of recombinant beta-galactosidase in E. coli was studied with respect to the specific growth rate at induction. The cultivations were designed to induce protein production byExpand
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Molecular crowding limits translation and cell growth
Significance In rapidly growing bacteria, one-third of the proteins are ribosomal proteins and another one-sixth are ternary complexes (TCs) that bring amino acids to the ribosomes, making TCs theExpand
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Pseudouridylation of helix 69 of 23S rRNA is necessary for an effective translation termination
Escherichia coli strains with inactivated rluD genes were previously found to lack the conserved pseudouridines in helix 69 of 23S ribosomal RNA and to grow slowly. A suppressor mutant was isolatedExpand
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Introduction to Continuity
In this chapter the algebra of continuous functions is established. A function that is continuous at each irrational number and discontinuous at each rational number is constructed. This function isExpand
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Patterns of protein synthesis in E. coli: a catalog of the amount of 140 individual proteins at different growth rates
The amount of 140 individual proteins of E. coli B/r was measured during balanced growth in five different media. The abundance of each protein was determined from its absolute amount inExpand
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Spectral pairs in cartesian coordinates
AbstractLet Ω ⊂ℝd have finite positive Lebesgue measure, and let $$\mathcal{L}^2$$ (Ω) be the corresponding Hilbert space of $$\mathcal{L}^2$$ -functions on Ω. We shall consider the exponentialExpand
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Spectral Sets Whose Spectrum Is a Lattice with a Base
Abstract Let L be a finite subset of Euclidean d -dimensional space R d and let S be a lattice in R d such that { l − l ′ :  l ,  l ′∈ L }∩ S ={0}. A classification of all Lebesgue measurable subsetsExpand
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The functional half-life of an mRNA depends on the ribosome spacing in an early coding region.
Bacterial mRNAs are translated by closely spaced ribosomes and degraded from the 5'-end, with half-lives of around 2 min at 37 °C in most cases. Ribosome-free or "naked" mRNA is known to be readilyExpand
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Spectral transition parameters for a class of Jacobi matrices
This paper initially considers a class of unbounded Jacobi matrices dened by an increasing sequence of repeated weights. Spectral parameters are then introduced in various ways to allow the authorsExpand
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