Steen J. Hsu

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Reversible data hiding method enables to recover the cover image after the secret data were extracted. Recently, a reversible data hiding method based on image interpolation has been proposed. It can contain high capacity and keep good visual quality. In this study, an improved method has proposed to refine the interpolation image based method. Experimental(More)
The design of elaborate healthcare services is becoming increasingly difficult in today's nursing home. In this work, we develop a model that simulates the nursing home residents' behavior to assist the facility planners in making fair and feasible management. Since a series of activities constituted one behavior, every activity is performed in a time(More)
In recent years, machine learning and knowledge discovery techniques have attracted a great deal of attention in the information area. Classification is one of the important research topics on these research areas. Most of the researches on classification concern that a complete data set is given as a training set and the test data know all values of(More)
In past years, Cloud computing is gained more attention in industry and academic area. The advance technologies are needed to match the demand of the development of cloud computing. MapReduce is one of the enabling technology. MapReduce is a programming model supporting parallel computation especially for data-intensive cloud computing applications.(More)
* 0-7803-8566-7/04/$20.00 © 2004 IEEE. Abstract A concept hierarchy is a kind of concise and general form of knowledge representations. Concept description is vague for human knowledge generally. Crisp description for a concept usually cannot represent human knowledge completely and practically. In this paper, we will study fuzzy characteristics of concept(More)
With the population of network usage, it is possible to connect home appliances with each other. The basic demand is to connect home appliances easily with less user intervening and home network is an complex environment which comprises several network architecture including ethernet, wireless network, or power-line etc.. Therefore, integrating(More)