Steen Hellberg

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Sixty-five patients suffering from coccygodynia resistant to conservative treatment had total or partial coccygectomy, all without serious complications. Eight reoperations were performed. After an average of 15 years, 46 of the 55 patients seen at follow-up were satisfied. A normal radiograph of the coccyx does not exclude a good result from coccygectomy.(More)
Forty normal persons had their gait tested using an instrumented treadmill. All were tested at the same speed of gait. The temporal factors of gait, the ataxia, and the external work of the gait were all calculated from the ground reaction forces. Ten women and ten men 20-29 years and ten women and ten men aged 60-69 were tested. The study demonstrated a(More)
Between 1993 and 2008, 41 patients underwent total coccygectomy for coccydynia which had failed to respond to six months of conservative management. Of these, 40 patients were available for clinical review and 39 completed a questionnaire giving their evaluation of the effect of the operation. Excellent or good results were obtained in 33 of the 41(More)
A comparison between the functional end results of Colles' fractures, treated in two different hospitals, was performed by a follow up study of 100 patients from each hospital 18-24 months after fracture. The difference between the requirements of resources in the two hospitals were mainly: treatment of patients as outpatients or during admission and the(More)
Using an instrumented treadmill which measured ground reaction forces, ten normal subjects were tested wearing conventional plaster-of-Paris bandages on the lower leg and lightweight crus-plastic bandages. Two different types of heels were also tested. From calculation of gait parameters it was found that the free walking speed was lowest with a(More)