Steele R Jacob

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Anthocyanins are secondary metabolites found in higher plants that contribute to the colors of flowers and fruits. In apples (Malus domestica Borkh.), several steps of the anthocyanin pathway are coordinately regulated, suggesting control by common transcription factors. A gene encoding an R2R3 MYB transcription factor was isolated from apple (cv Cripps'(More)
Glucan synthesis was achieved with an in vitro membrane fraction from the petioles of celery (Apium graveolens). The optimum conditions for maximum synthesis were established. The Km and Vmax for the enzymic system were 1.0 mM and 0.19 microM min-1 mg protein-1, respectively. Mechanical damage to the membrane fraction altered the proportion of beta-(1----3)(More)
Grief is a universal response affecting every age and culture. However, this concept is surrounded by ambiguity. It is poorly understood by nurses who encounter grieving persons with increasing frequency, especially as the population ages. The ability of nurses to gain an increased understanding of grief depends on the clarification of this concept. A(More)
Dietary polyphenols are associated with protection against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. Pharmacological studies show a range of bioactivities and efficacy attributable to specific polyphenols. While many fruits are rich in polyphenols, wide cultivar variation of polyphenol composition is common. Our objective was to determine the(More)
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