Stavroula Voyatzi

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The recognition and classification of Named Entities (NER) are regarded as an important component for many Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. The classification is usually made by taking into account the immediate context in which the NE appears. In some cases, this immediate context does not allow getting the right classification. We show in(More)
Les tables du Lexique-Grammaire constituent un lexique syntaxique très riche pour le français. Cette base de données linguistique n'est cependant pas directement exploitable informatiquement car elle est incomplète et manque de cohérence. Chaque table regroupe un certain nombre d'entrées jugées similaires car elles acceptent des propriétés communes qui ne(More)
In this article we describe the joint effort of experts in linguistics, information extraction and risk assessment to integrate EventSpotter, an automatic event extraction engine, into ADAC, an automated early warning system. By detecting as early as possible weak signals of emerging risks ADAC provides a dynamic synthetic picture of situations involving(More)
This paper presents work on extending the adverbial entries of LGLex, a NLP oriented syntactic resource for French. Adverbs were extracted from the Lexicon-Grammar tables of both simple adverbs ending in –ment " –ly " (Molinier and Levrier, 2000) and compound adverbs (Gross, 1986; 1990). This work relies on the exploitation of fine-grained linguistic(More)
We present an extension of the adverbial entries of the French morphological lexicon DELA (Dictionnaires Electroniques du LADL / LADL electronic dictionaries). Adverbs were extracted from LGLex, a NLP-oriented syntactic resource for French, which in its turn contains all adverbs extracted from the Lexicon-Grammar tables of both simple adverbs ending in-ment(More)
Pancreatic cancer consists of an accumulation of genetic and epigenetic alterations. Recently, aberrant methylation of CpG islands of cancer-related genes has emerged as an important epigenetic mechanism of their transcriptional dysregulation during tumour development [1]. Therefore, new diagnostic methods, for early detection based on a better(More)
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