Stavroula Giavi

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Wheat is an essential element in our nutrition but one of the most important food allergen sources. Wheat allergic patients often suffer from severe gastrointestinal and systemic allergic reactions after wheat ingestion. In this study, we report the molecular and immunological characterization of a new major wheat food allergen, Tri a 36. The cDNA coding(More)
Wheat is an important staple food and potent allergen source. Recently, we isolated a cDNA coding for wheat alpha-purothionin which is recognized by wheat food allergic patients at risk for severe wheat-induced allergy. The purpose of the present study was the biochemical, biophysical and IgE epitope characterization of recombinant alpha-purothionin.(More)
BACKGROUND European legislators and wine producers still debate on the requirement for labeling of wines fined with potentially allergenic food proteins (casein, egg white or fish-derived isinglass). We investigated whether wines fined with known concentrations of these proteins have the potential to provoke clinical allergic reactions in relevant patients.(More)
BACKGROUND Within a large prospective study, the Global Asthma and Allergy European Network (GA(2) LEN) has collected skin prick test (SPT) data throughout Europe to make recommendations for SPT in clinical settings. OBJECTIVE To improve clinical interpretation of SPT results for inhalant allergens by providing quantitative decision points. METHODS The(More)
Background Wheat is one of the most important food allergen sources. Using natural wheat allergen extracts for serological diagnosis of wheat-induced food allergy false positive test results are frequently obtained, in particular in grass pollen allergic patients. Therefore, Tri a 19, an omega-5-gliadin, which is known as a major allergen in wheat dependent(More)
Diagnosis of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) requires the use of bronchial provocation tests (BPTs). We assessed exercise-induced respiratory symptoms (EIRS), EIB and asthma in athletes and evaluated the validity of BPTs in the diagnosis of EIB. Rhinitis and atopy were also assessed. Athletes with (n=55) and without previous asthma diagnosis(More)
Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and is a big burden worldwide. It affects both children and adults, but it is insufficiently studied in adolescents, although this age group has important peculiarities and is challenging to treat, due to, but not exclusively because of, lack of adherence to treatment instructions. Evidence-based(More)