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Learning Management Systems (LMS) collect large amounts of data. Data mining techniques can be applied to analyse their web data log files. The instructors may use this data for assessing and measuring their courses. In this respect, we have proposed a methodology for analysing LMS courses and students’ activity. This methodology uses a Markov CLustering(More)
Web-based learning environments are extensively used nowadays. These environments maintain and produce vast amounts of data. Such vastness lead to the application of data mining techniques so as to further improve usability and qualify e-learning platform courses content. This paper proposes a platform dependant framework for recording, processing and(More)
This paper introduces new metrics for course evaluation. It is also proposes a ranking algorithm that classifies courses based on the previous course evaluation metrics and suggests appropriate actions for course content improvement. The algorithm was tested and verified successfully in data originated from the eClass platform of TEI Kavala.
Earlier studies suggest that educational institutions may further benefit from Learning Management Systems (LMSs) by generating reports regarding courses. That is, with the use of tools focus to assess student's paths into course content. This paper affirms that educational meaningful information can be extracted from LMS student logged data and presents a(More)
Educational content quality and quantity is a crucial factor for the success of e-learning procedure. This study puts forward a proposal that enables the evaluation of online content and its usage by the learners. It proposes some new measures and metrics for content and course usage and investigates, through data mining techniques, the impact of users'(More)
A Wearable Health Monitoring system is described that uses low-cost off the shelf sensors and computing components, along with custom made software, to provide an economical solution to personalized health care monitoring problems, while retaining all the functionality and flexibility of more expensive systems. Cloud technology is used to store sensor(More)
LMS are used more and more nowadays. There are some algorithms for LMS usage assessment. The main problem is that these algorithms are rarely combined. This gap can be filled by using S-Algo which combines ranking and suggestion results of two or more suggestion/ranking algorithms into an ultimate and efficient ranking suggestion. Such efficient ranking is(More)
Courseware construction is not an easy task. Developers and authors need support to carry out the construction/development process of courseware and learning contents automatically. On the other hand, the usage of the courses by the students in the past may contribute to the resolution of this problem. In this paper, a methodology based on the archetypal(More)
The usage of web applications can be measured with the use of metrics. In a LMS, a typical web application, there are no appropriate metrics which would facilitate their qualitative and quantitative measurement. The purpose of this paper is to propose the use of existing techniques with a different way, in order to analyze the log file of a typical LMS and(More)
Purpose – A huge amount of data are produced in the agriculture sector. Due to the huge number of these datasets it is necessary to use data analysis techniques in order to comprehend the data and extract useful information. The purpose of this paper is to measure, archetype and mine olea europaea production data. Design/methodology/approach – This work(More)