Stavros Stavrou

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Although the use of the insulin tolerance test (ITT) for the diagnosis of adult GH deficiency is well established, diagnostic peak GH cut-points for other commonly used GH stimulation tests are less clearly established. Despite that fact, the majority of patients in the United States who are evaluated for GH deficiency do not undergo insulin tolerance(More)
This paper presents wideband characteristics of a low elevation, land mobile, single satellite, dual circularly polarized, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radio propagation channel. The work is based on S-band measurements using an artificial platform to represent the satellite, situated on a hilltop, to a mobile vehicle located in three environments:(More)
Acromegaly is associated with premature cardiovascular mortality. GH replacement therapy decreases inflammatory markers of cardiovascular risk, but little is known about these markers in patients with acromegaly. The GH receptor antagonist, pegvisomant, reduces IGF-I levels in 98% of patients treated. We investigated the effects of GH receptor blockade on(More)
Two new models to characterize polarization diversity at the mobile are presented and discussed. The first model builds upon existing theoretical models at the base station to demonstrate how those principles apply to the mobile fading environment. Due to the limitations of antennas at the mobile, this extended model, though relevant, is not sufficient to(More)
INTRODUCTION The incidence of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) has dramatically increased recently in some countries. AIM To ascertain any changes in the incidence of T1DM in our population during the years 1990-2004. METHODOLOGY All newly diagnosed cases of T1DM children under the age of 15 yr were registered and relevant information was obtained.(More)
Force or coercion are often a part of sexual relationships in South Africa, especially among adolescents. This coercion is also often pinioned by an economic exchange: gifts or favours for sex. Studies have pointed out the negative consequences of the exchanges which are often characterised by large age differences ('sugar dad-dies') or power imbalances.(More)
This paper derives a physicalstatistical land mobile-satellite/HAP propagation channel model that can predict joint statistical time series and power-spatial-delay profile data in a multi-antenna mobile, multi-satellite scenario, and is compared with published measurement data. The model is then used to estimate the required satellite and HAP antenna(More)
Due to the much different environment in satellite and terrestrial links, possibilities in and design of MIMO systems are rather different as well. After pointing out these differences and problems arising from them, two MIMO designs are shown rather well adapted to satellite link characteristics. Cooperative diversity seems to be applicable; its concept is(More)
BACKGROUND Psychological therapies are effective treatments for common mental health problems, but access is limited. GPs face difficult decisions as to whom to refer, but little is known about this decision-making process. AIM To explore GPs' accounts of decisions to refer, or not refer, patients for psychological therapy. DESIGN OF STUDY A qualitative(More)