Stavros Skopeteas

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Previous research on the tone system of Yucatec Maya provides contradictory accounts which this paper intends to do away with, disentangling tonal and intonational effects. The first part presents the mere realisation of lexical high and low tones, the only tonal distinction we identify for Yucatec Maya. Second, we claim that in Yucatec Maya no interaction(More)
The present paper presents the structure of a cross-linguistic database of production data. The database contains annotated texts collected from a sample of fifteen different languages by means of identical data gathering methods, which are designed to enable studies on typology and universals of information structure. The special property of this database(More)
It has been cross-linguistically observed that topics occur sentence initially (see Vallduví 1992, Lambrecht 1994, Neeleman and Van De Koot 2008). It has also been shown that this generalization is functionally motivated: topics indicate the address in the common ground to which the asserted information is related, and it is an advantage for the hearer if(More)
The underdetermination of theory by empirical data is an inherent property of scientific research, also beyond the study of language. For instance, it was widely held at the time of Copernicus that his theory and Ptolemaic theory do not necessarily make different predictions concerning the available astronomical data at that time (see Newton-Smith 2000:(More)
An important challenge in the study of focus constructions is teasing out the properties of the layers of linguistic structure that are involved, in particular identifying which interpretational properties are associated with the syntactic operation at issue, which properties arise through inferential processes, and which properties can be deduced on the(More)
Languages differ with respect to the lexicalization of the conceptual distinction between the region SUPERIOR & CONTACT (cf. English on), i.e. in a place which is higher than the place occupied by the landmark and in contact to it, and the region SUPERIOR & NON-CONTACT (cf. English above), i.e. in a place which is higher than the place occupied by the(More)