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The present paper presents the structure of a cross-linguistic database of production data. The database contains annotated texts collected from a sample of fifteen different languages by means of identical data gathering methods, which are designed to enable studies on typology and universals of information structure. The special property of this database(More)
In this paper we address the issue of user-adaptivity for annotation guidelines. We show that different user groups have different needs towards these documents, a fact neglected by most of current annotation guidelines. We propose a formal specification of the structure of annotation guidelines, thus suggesting a minimum set of requirements that guidelines(More)
That speakers take turns in interaction is a fundamental fact across languages and speaker communities. How this taking of turns is organised is less clearly established. We have looked at interactions recorded in the field using the same task, in a set of three genetically and regionally diverse languages: Georgian, Cabécar, and Fongbe. As in previous(More)
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