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The present article is a review of the literature of cyberbullying. Main findings are summarized regarding issues of definition of cyberbullying, differences, and similarities with traditional bullying; its extent; the forms of cyberbullying; the characteristics of cyberbullies and cybervictims; the effects of cyberbullying on the psychosocial development(More)
This contribution explores the associations between suicide attempts; bullying; and the familial, educational, legal, and institutional characteristics of young offenders in custody. The sample was 152 randomly selected male young offenders aged 16-21 years (M = 18.9, SD = 1.3) years from the largest young offenders' institution in Scotland, who completed(More)
AIMS The present paper is an overview of studies examining chronic, persistent offending and recidivism in adolescents and young offenders. METHODS The review focused on published papers dealing with chronic offending of adolescents and young offenders. RESULTS The paper provides the picture on definition on juvenile delinquency, definition of(More)
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