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Distributed denial-of-service attacks Anomaly based intrusion detection Fuzzy estimators a-cuts Poisson arrival a b s t r a c t We propose a method for DDoS detection by constructing a fuzzy estimator on the mean packet inter arrival times. We divided the problem into two challenges, the first being the actual detection of the DDoS event taking place and(More)
Considering that a triage related task may essentially make-or-break a digital investigation and the fact that a number of triage tools are freely available online but there is currently no mature framework for practically testing and evaluating them, in this paper we put three open source triage tools to the test. In an attempt to identify common issues,(More)
DDoS attacks represent a significant threat for companies, affecting them on a regular basis, as reported in the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey. The most common target is web services, the downtime of which could lead to significant monetary costs and loss of reputation. IP Spoofing is often used in DDoS attacks not only to protect the identity(More)
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