Stavros Kokkotos

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Hospital laboratories perform examination tests upon patients, in order to assist medical diagnosis or therapy progress. Planning and scheduling patient requests for examination tests is a complicated problem because it concerns both minimization of patient stay in hospital and maximization of laboratory resources utilization. In the present paper, we(More)
Recent research activities in the area of Temporal Databases have revealed some problems related to the definition of time. In this paper we discuss the problem arising from the definition of valid time and the assumptions about valid time, which exist in current Temporal Database approaches. For this problem we propose a solution, while we identify some(More)
Patient tests in hospital environments involve a significant percentage of hospital resources. The patient must occupy some of his/her time, personnel and equipment have to be allocated, co-operation between hospital laboratories and departments must be ensured, tests should be performed within rigid time limits and the results should be ready before due(More)
One of the most important and interesting problems in multilingual software applications is the correct ordering of names, words and alphanumeric strings. The problem becomes complicated by the existence of several different word ordering methodologies, based on language or culture specific customs. A formal mathematical method has been defined for the(More)
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