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We consider the problem of finding a geometrically consistent set of point matches between two images. We assume that local descriptors have provided a set of candidate matches, which may include many outliers. We then seek the largest subset of these correspondences that can be aligned perfectly using a nonrigid deformation that exerts a bounded(More)
A novel incubation unit is described that is highly suitable for thorough studies of oxygen deprivation states. Its application with cultured heart cells is experimentally demonstrated. The release of enzymes, taken as a marker for cell damage, has clearly shown that restriction of the volume of extracellular medium combined with oxygen plus glucose(More)
We present a multiscale approach for minimizing the energy associated with Markov Random Fields (MRFs) with energy functions that include arbitrary pairwise potentials. The MRF is represented on a hierarchy of successively coarser scales, where the problem on each scale is itself an MRF with suitably defined potentials. These representations are used to(More)
Postnatal rat heart cells in culture enriched with respect to muscle cells were obtained by either high density seeding or by the replating technique. [3H]Thymidine incorporation to DNA and the enzymatic pattern of cytoplasmic and lysosomal enzymes have been studied as a function of the culture's age, of seeding density, and replating. It was shown that(More)
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