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How Resource Challenges Can Improve Firm Innovation Performance: Identifying Coping Strategies
Researchers recently suggested that challenges in the form of adversities and constraints can actually promote individuals, teams and firms. However, it remains unclear how such challenges elicitExpand
The effects of diversified technology and country knowledge on the impact of technological innovation
This study examines diversified knowledge and how it affects the impact of technological innovation. Specifically, we examine the effect of diversified technology knowledge—measured by technologiesExpand
The Effect of Radical Innovation In/Congruence on New Product Performance
Abstract Radical innovation is critical for many firms and for society. This research focuses on the impact of radical innovation congruence — the degree to which management values regarding radicalExpand
Non-customers as initiators of radical innovation
Abstract Customers who initiate innovation is a topic frequently discussed in the marketing literature. However, the literature largely ignores non-customers – individuals or firms not using productsExpand
Constraints of Internally and Externally Derived Knowledge and the Innovativeness of Technological Output: The Case of the United States*
A major resource of technological innovativeness is knowledge, which can be either internally or externally derived, and constrained or abundant. We employ a longitudinal case study of U.S.Expand
Social network utilization and the impact of academic research in marketing
The forces that drive the impact of academic research articles in the marketing discipline are of great interests to authors, editors, and the discipline's policy makers. A key understudied driver isExpand
Assessing the rebound effect using a natural experiment setting: Evidence from the private transportation sector in Israel
Subsidizing energy-efficient technologies is considered by energy and environmental organizations to be one of the most effective policies for decreasing energy consumption. In the transportationExpand
Do Knowledge Signals Predict Startups’ Exit and Failure?
This research examines how startup founders’ academic knowledge, and knowledge gained through startup founding experience, signal investors and attract investments. We further examine, for bothExpand
Venetian Shipbuilding: Mastering the Mediterranean
In 1204, under the disguise of the Fourth Crusade, a Venetian force sacked Constantinople, the capital of the great Byzantine Empire, greatly weakening it. Despite their oath not to attack fellowExpand
Innovation in Retrospect: An Exploratory Study of Trends in the Levels of Innovation
The 20th century was characterized by growing trends of consumption and the introduction of new products that offered consumers various levels of innovation. The abundance of new products madeExpand