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Components from culture fluid and whole cells of Rhizobium trifolii were examined for effects on root hair morphology of white clover seedlings (Trifolium repens var. Ladino). Cell-free culture fluid, exopolysaccharides, supernatant fluid from the precipitation of the exopolysaccharides, capsular polysaccharides, lipopolysaccharides, and a protein fraction(More)
The rancor accompanying the repeal of most of the 1988 Medicare Catastrophic Act reflects both the national need to improve health and long-term care benefits for the elderly and the political obstacles to finding new sources of financing for such benefits. Neither the need nor the obstacles will go away, but policymakers are now likely to look for(More)
Salmonella spp. have been investigated as live vaccine vectors because they are heat stable and can elicit humoral, cellular, and secretory immune responses. However, the expression of some foreign antigens is toxic to bacterial vectors. We therefore studied an approach for the controlled expression of antigen in Salmonella typhimurium wherein the antigen(More)
The objective of this paper was to determine the relationship between depression and acculturation among Mexican American and European American women. The participants included 76 Mexican American and European American women from Kansas City. Depression was measured by the Center of Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale and acculturation was determined(More)
As databases are used by a greater variety of people, highly technical methods of designing them are giving way to more human, user-centered approaches. The article describes a human approach to designing a complex, multiuse database with limited resources. The article introduces a simple data modeling tool, the entity-relationship (E-R) diagram, that(More)
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