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The redesigned Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft matter systems (ESPResSo++) is a free, open-source, parallelized, object-oriented simulation package designed to perform many-particle simulations, principally molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo, of condensed soft matter systems. In addition to the standard simulation methods found in(More)
We describe a web tool ENZO (Enzyme Kinetics), a graphical interface for building kinetic models of enzyme catalyzed reactions. ENZO automatically generates the corresponding differential equations from a stipulated enzyme reaction scheme. These differential equations are processed by a numerical solver and a regression algorithm which fits the coefficients(More)
We present a web toolkit STructure mapper and Online Coarse-graining Kit for setting up coarse-grained molecular simulations. The kit consists of two tools: structure mapping and Boltzmann inversion tools. The aim of the first tool is to define a molecular mapping from high, for example, all-atom, to low, that is, coarse-grained, resolution. Using a(More)
In this review article, we discuss and analyze some recently developed hybrid atomistic–mesoscopic solvent models for multiscale biomolecular simulations. We focus on the biomolecular applications of the adaptive resolution scheme (AdResS), which allows solvent molecules to change their resolution back and forth between atomistic and coarse-grained(More)
This paper presents a data structure for storing and querying sets. The data structure is based on tries, but because the order of elements in a set is not important (unlike letters in a string) we are able to implement additional subset and superset query operations besides the trie's insert and search operation. The operations and their algorithms are(More)
We present an adaptive resolution simulation of aqueous salt (NaCl) solutions at ambient conditions using the adaptive resolution scheme. Our multiscale approach concurrently couples the atomistic and coarse-grained models of the aqueous NaCl, where water molecules and ions change their resolution while moving from one resolution domain to the other. We(More)
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