Starr Terrell

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This paper explores the use of simple analytic models to estimate the amount of biological agent<lb>required for a weapon of mass destruction. In particular, we estimate the amount of anthrax<lb>required for an outdoor attack using a Gaussian Plume Model under two different boundary<lb>conditions. For one set of parameters and general modeling assumptions,(More)
In direct drive inertial confinement laser fusion, a pellet containing D-T fuel is imploded by ablation arising from absorption of laser energy at its outer surface. For optimal coupling, the focal spot of the laser would continuously decrease to match the reduction in the pellet's diameter, thereby minimizing wasted energy. A krypton-fluoride laser (λ =(More)
“Smart” holograms are novel sensor systems which utilise diffraction as the transduction method for the detection of physical stimuli or (bio)chemical analytes. Interaction of these sensors with a specific analyte or stimulus changes the colour, image or brightness of the hologram and these changes can be visualised directly by the user or quantified using(More)
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