Stanton G. Axline

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The subplasmalemmal organization of the free and glass-attached surfaces of resting and phagocytizing cultivated macrophages were examined in an attempt to define specific membrane-associated structures related to phagocytosis. From analysis of serial thin sections of oriented cells it was found that the subplasmalemmal region of the attached cell surface(More)
Functional and morphologic effects of cytochalasin B on the cultivated macrophage were examined to determine the basis for plasma membrane movements of the type required for endocytosis and/or spreading on a substratum. Inhibition of phagocytosis and changes in cell shape by cytochalasin B exhibited nearly identical dose-response curves requiring 2-5 x(More)
Alveolar macrophages (AM) and peritoneal macrophages (PM) originate from common precursor cells, but function in different O2 environments. In the present studies, the impact of different O2 tensions on cell metabolism has been quantitatively determined, an enzymatic basis for these differences established, and a mechanism which regulates enzymatic(More)
Adaptive changes in energy metabolism, as reflected by pyruvate kinase and cytochrome oxidase activities, were examined during in vitro differentiation of the cultivated macrophage. Serum concentrations of tissue culture media, which directly influence endocytic activity, and ambient oxygen tension were both shown to influence pyruvate kinase and cytochrome(More)
The effects of colchicine on lysosomal fusion and lysosomal enzyme induction in the cultivated mouse peritoneal macrophage have been examined. Colchicine (10- minus 6 M), but not lumicolchicine, inhibited lysosomal enzyme induction by both phagocytic and pinocytic stimuli. In addition, the drug significantly retarded pinocytic uptake of [3-H] sucrose and(More)
The in vitro induction of lysosomal enzymes by phagocytosis was demonstrated in cultivated mouse peritoneal macrophages. The contribution of each of several steps in the endocytic process to enzyme induction was examined. The enzymatic response after the uptake of equal numbers of erythrocytes (RBC) and nondigestible particles were compared. Phagocytosis of(More)
A retrospective study was conducted to determine the prevalence and spectrum of chorioretinal involvement among individuals with previously documented systemic coccidioidomycosis. Fifty-four subjects were given a modified ocular examination, and their medical records were abstracted for clinical classification of the disease and its correlation with ocular(More)
Intracellular lysosomal fusion has been evaluated in cultivated mouse peritoneal macrophages by measurement of transfer of acid phosphatase to polyvinyltoluene (PVT)-containing phagolysosomes. Enzyme transfer was found to be directly and significantly related to the uptake of PVT and to be independent of time allowed for phagolysosome formation over time(More)