Stanley Vestal

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One of the problems that often faces the user of a large software system is a lack of uniformity or consistency in the user interface. Responses that elicit the desired system behavior in one context may fail completely in another— often accompanied by an obscure error message. As a result, the user may be well aware that the user interface is a disparate(More)
Programs are often used in experimental sciences to test new models and theories against real-world data. One of the major bottlenecks in that process is the need to write the program which implements the new model. &#248;<subscrpt>0</subscrpt> is an automatic programming system which supports petroleum scientists in testing quantitative log interpretation(More)
@NIX is an automatic programming system being developed for use by petroleum scientists who may not be knowledgable about computers. As a first step, a system has been implemented to assist in the trial-anderror process of developing new models and techniques for quantitative interpretation of well logs. The user interface exploits graphical techniques to(More)
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