Stanley Segal

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The cognitive development of children with either early or late onset insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) was investigated with tasks measuring intellectual ability, memory, and academic progress. In addition, children's perceptions of their competence and parents' perspectives on family functioning and their children's behavior were compared. It was(More)
PURPOSE To address the effectiveness of a formal postbaccalaureate (PB) experience for underrepresented minority (URM) students before medical school. The program provided an intense year-long experience of course work, research, and personal development. METHOD There were 516 participants from one medical school: 15 URM medical students had completed the(More)
The University of Michigan has a support program aimed at early identification, remedial plans, and appropriate academic accommodations for at-risk students in under-graduate colleges and graduate and professional schools. Since 1994, the medical school has formally taken part in this program. Medical students at risk for academic failure (e.g., repeated(More)
sumes responsibility for the teaching of mentally handicapped children and the training of their teachers. On the surface, taking over from the Department of Health appeared to involve a minor readjustment, in fact repercussions have been loud and farreaching. Stanley Segal, principal of Ravenswood Centre for Special Education, clarifies the complexities(More)
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