Stanley Reynolds

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Molecular subtyping methods have previously shown that there is a nonrandom distribution of Escherichia coli O157:H7 strains among clinical and nonclinical isolates. Two examples include the lineage-specific polymorphism assay (LSPA) and clade typing assay. The clade typing method was previously used to identify a phylogenetic group of E. coli O157:H7(More)
This paper considers a market in which firms have incomplete information about a parameter of other sellers' payoff functions, e.g., a cost parameter. The dispersion of privately observed payoff parameters essentially enables firms to randomize their pricing. As the population distribution of payoff parameters collapses to a point, the distribution of(More)
AIM To examine the prevalence of antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella in chicken meat and correlate with isolates from ill humans. METHODS We isolated Salmonella from raw chicken purchased from a randomly selected sample of retail outlets in central Pennsylvania during 2006-2007. Salmonella isolates from meat were compared, using pulsed-field gel(More)
This report describes Pennsylvania's 9-year experience in implementing training programs to strengthen public health response to emerging infectious diseases. During the biannual 3-5-day-long Pennsylvania Public Health Institute (PHI) events, which have been held since 2000, courses have covered topics such as emerging infectious disease outbreaks,(More)
The paper analyses a two-sector model of endogenous growth with two common features of economic development: stages of sustained growth and underdevelopment traps. The model also demonstrates the transitional issues of a temporary underdevelopment trap, seemingly sustainable growth, and a slowdown in productivity growth. The temporary underdevelopment trap(More)
In 2010, we surveyed 176 clinical laboratories in Pennsylvania regarding stool specimen testing practices for enteropathogens, including Campylobacter spp. Most (96.3%) routinely test for Campylobacter spp. In 17 (15.7%), a stool antigen test is the sole method for diagnosis. We recommend that laboratory practice guidelines for Campylobacter spp. testing be(More)
BACKGROUND Recent cases of laboratory-acquired vaccinia virus (VV) infection highlight the need for laboratory safety. AIMS To determine laboratory worker adherence to the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices smallpox vaccination recommendations, assess potential barriers to vaccination and determine the influence of training on laboratory worker(More)
Ten Salmonella enterica serotypes were isolated from fecal samples collected from anesthetized raccoons (n = 738) trapped in six Pennsylvania counties from 2003 to 2005. Comparison of raccoon pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) pulse type data with the Pennsylvania Department of Health PFGE database revealed that the patterns of seven Salmonella(More)
In the process of regulatory reform in the electric power industry, the mitigation of market power is one of the basic problems regulators have to deal with. We use experimental data to study the sources of market power with supply function competition, akin to the competition in wholesale electricity markets. An acute form of market power may arise if a(More)