Stanley Reynolds

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Like just about everyone who has looked at the numbers on renewable energy, solar power in particular, I was wowed by the progress. Something really good is in reach. For weeks now, the 1.1 million solar power systems in Germany have generated almost no electricity.... As is so often the case in winter, all solar panels more or less stopped generating(More)
Online crowdfunding has emerged as an appealing new channel of financing in recent years. A fundamental but largely unanswered question in this nascent industry is the choice of market mechanisms, i.e., how the supply and demand of funds are matched, and the terms (price) at which transactions will occur. Two of the most popular such mechanisms are auctions(More)
In the process of regulatory reform in the electric power industry, the mitigation of market power is one of the basic problems regulators have to deal with. We use experimental data to study the sources of market power with supply function competition, akin to the competition in wholesale electricity markets. An acute form of market power may arise if a(More)
This paper provides a thorough analysis of oligopolistic markets with positive demand-side network externalities and perfect compatibility. The minimal structure imposed on the model primitives is such that industry output increases in a …rm's rivals'total output as well as in the expected network size. This leads to a generalized equilibrium existence(More)
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