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Intel’s founder, Robert Noyce, chartered Ted Hofss Applications Research Department in 1969 to find new applications for silicon technology-the microcomputer was the result. Hoff thought it would be neat to use MOS LSI technology to produce a computer. Because of the ever growing density of large scale integrated (LSI) circuits a “computer on a chip” was(More)
Within a year of the introduction of Intel's first 8-bit CPU chip, the 8008, in April 1972, the author was working on the design specification for a faster and more capable CPU chip, the 8080. Here, the author describes the development of the 8080 chip that helped launch the personal computer industry. The author also addresses two common complaints about(More)
Under the leadership of Gordon Moore, Fairchild Semiconductor embarked on the design of a high-level time-sharing computer, Symbol IIR. In the mid-1960s, the falling costs of semiconductors made hardware seem like the logical design choice to replace common software functions. Symbol embodied that design, but to what effect?
My first experiences with decimal computer arithmetic in college (1963) influenced my subsequent career decisions and projects as described herein. Many popular early computers focused on commercial applications for which decimal arithmetic was appropriate. These digit-serial implementations did not minimize hardware cost, but provided the precision needed(More)
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