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Biologists can equip animals with global positioning system (GPS) technology to obtain accurate (less than or equal to 30 m) locations that can be combined with sensor data to study animal behaviour and ecology. We provide the background of GPS techniques that have been used to gather data for wildlife studies. We review how GPS has been integrated into(More)
From 5,003 files of adopted children, 65 deprived children, defined as abused and/or neglected during infancy, were strictly selected with particular reference to two criteria: (i) They were adopted between 4 and 6 years of age, and (ii) they had an IQ <86 (mean = 77, SD = 6.3) before adoption. The average IQs of adopted children in lower and higher(More)
Failure rates observed (13 +/- 6 percent for school failures, 17 +/- 5 percent for scores below 95 on a collective IQ test) were far below those expected from the social class of birth (55 percent, 51 percent) or observed in a control group (56 +/- 8 percent, 49 +/- 9 percent) but close to those expected from the social class of adoption (15 percent, 15(More)