Stanley M. Kaplan

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The regenerating liver produces erythropoietin in response to hypoxia. The amounts of erythropoietin produced in animals subjected to hepatectomy are significantly higher than those observed in sham-operated animals. Hepatic erythropoietin production appears to be dependent upon the stage of regeneration with the highest levels being produced during the(More)
Although it is well accepted that treatment with beta-blocking drugs impairs endurance exercise capacity acutely, whether a trained state can be achieved while receiving long-term beta-blocker therapy is controversial. The apparent attenuation of training reported in some studies has given rise to the theory that adrenergic stimulation represents a unifying(More)
The present study examined the recent report that transplantation of neonatal striatal tissue into kainic acid (KA) lesioned striatum protected the contralateral striatum from a subsequent KA lesion. We did not find a significant difference in the survival rate of animals that received neonatal striatal transplants into a KA lesioned striatum followed by a(More)